31 Jan 15

I'm really excited about my new album INAMORATA this Tuesday, February 3rd!  It's another collaboration with gifted vocalist and lyricist Charlee Brooks… sort of a follow up to our Lovéren and our last collaboration, Celtic Garden. I had a lot of fun moving sort of into the pop vein a bit. Inamorata has eight original songs in addition to our renditions of the awesome themes from Downton Abbey and Game Of Thrones along with Zedd's 'Clarity' and Sarah Brightman's 'Harem'.  The release is just in time for Valentine's Day and this is an album of well, love songs!  There's also the lullaby that I wrote for my little niece, who was born during the recording. Really enjoyed working with David Davidson again… he's an amazing violinist!  Here's a little 'behind the scenes' look during the recording http://vimeo.com/112805828. It's coming out on the Green Hill label and is already available on Amazon and iTunes. I'm always deeply touched by your support of my music…  Inamorata is a special album and I hope you all enjoy it!

11 May 14 Excited to announce that we are doing a 'Concert Window' streaming show with Cirque de la Symphonie next Monday at 7:25 pm mountain time, here's the link: http://www.concertwindow.com/artists/8237-david-arkenstone. You can sign up and watch for $1….! It'll be a lot of fun, from the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.
3 Feb 14

Hello all! ~ well, after months of hard work, our concert video, 'David Arkenstone's Symphonic Adventure,' will be airing on Colorado Public Television, CPT12 channel 12 PBS on Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 7pm (MST)!  (check the tab above) Kudos to my producer and manager, Victoria for her passion and perseverance to make this happen. This is the first exciting step into getting more airings across the country with a concert tour to follow. I'm looking forward to being in Denver live at the pledge event. If you know anyone in Colorado, please ask them to tune in, pledge, tell the station that they enjoyed the show, etc! Even if they can’t afford one of the CD/DVD packages, pledge anything at all… no amount is too small! It all goes to support public television.  Please feel free to post, tweet, etc. and share the excitement with friends and family. Let's make some noise..! We are very proud of this awesome show and it's quite a personal milestone for me. And public TV is important! Many thanks for your support of my music over the years.

7 Oct 13JUST RELEASED! , our stunning new music video for 'Sessa Nulma' from LOVEREN - a lavish, epic, magical, underwater odyssey. Released in March, Lovéren soared to #1 on the Zone Music Reporter chart in April and has received rave reviews worldwide.Check it out..!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8580EifOi6s

2 Oct 13Wow, that summer flew by, eh? Very busy with several things, I just completed the NBC Premier League Soccer package. I mixed it in Paris, which was terrific for me, as I love that city. Hopefully, soccer will get a foothold here in the U.S...! While in Europe, I visited Verona and saw Aida in the Roman colosseum. Opera will never be the same for me! Something to aspire to, as I'm now composing an opera myself.....
Working on a new game for the Playstation 4, Starlight: Inception. It's a fun space shooter with lots of cool graphic elements - and music...! That should be released Dec. 1.
Still doing press and working on getting our 'Symphonic Adventure' show out into the world - look out..!
 4 May 13
Today is Derby Day! Can't believe it was already a year ago that NBC asked me to retool/ update my music for their coverage. Tune in for some cool music, exciting race and outrageous hats..!
Some more exciting news!… The Gamer Symphony Orchestra is playing a medley of some of my World of Warcraft music tonight! Selections include Nordrassil, Aftermath, Bloodsail, Vashj’ir, and Surrender the Booty. Founded in 2005, the GSO is devoted to playing game music and I hope all my fans in the Maryland area will come out and hear these great students! For more info:http://umd.gamersymphony.org/ 

17 March 13
We just had our inaugural performance of my Symphonic Adventure. Wow, when I was on stage I felt like I was in a dream most of the time. We had a terrific orchestra, Cirque performers, guest stars, dancers, and we got to perform our new album in it's entirety. We filmed it all with 10 cameras. Now we're editing furiously for possible PBS showings in the fall. Stay tuned for that, as well as future concert announcements......
 3 Jan 2013
Happy New Year..! Can't believe it's 2013..! Biggest news right now is the new album, Lovéren. It will be released March 5. It's been a long time in production, but it was worth it. Lots of great musicians contributed their talents, and it was wonderful to be able to work with Charlee Brooks, an extraordinary singer and writer. We had a choir, orchestra and lots of drums..! The CD package features an original story, and a full color 16 page booklet....pretty sweet...!
24 Dec 12
Wow what a year! One of my New Year's resolutions will be to post news here more often! From recording and finishing two new albums, NBC Horseracing compositions, video game composing, preparing for a large scale filmed concert this coming March, time just slipped through my fingers. I would like to wish everyone a terrific 2013, and hope all your dreams come true...!

2 April 12
Well, we've returned from a great weekend at the Sherwood Forest Faire. We saw many old friends, met a lot of new friends and music lovers, and had perfect weather, which made for a wonderful experience.
This week I'm on to recording my theme music in Los Angeles for the Kentucky Derby coverage on NBC (Sat. May 5, check local times..) I've rearranged some of my themes from 2002, and added some new music, too. It's quite exciting for me to be part of this incredible legacy.
Also this week, we're finalizing the cover of the new album, as well as some key elements in the music video. I'll make an official announcement soon about that release with full details.

15 Mar 12
Hello everyone!  It’s been a great year so far!  I’m very excited about my new album, which is almost completed. We’re also finishing up a music video as well. More on this special project soon….

Happy to announce that the band and I are returning to the Sherwood Forest Faire near Austin, TX on March 31st & April 1st and are looking forward to seeing all of our Renn faire and World of Warcraft friends. We’ve put together a new compilation CD of the tunes we play at the faires and included some recently recorded new favorites. ‘‘A Day At The Faire” will be released just in time for Sherwood! It will be available in my store in April.

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